30 APS supports Fort Drum in deployment efforts

30 APS supports Fort Drum in deployment efforts

Staff Sgt. Peter Lanphear, 30th Aerial Port Squadron Load Planner, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, N.Y. inspects and secures equipment to be loaded onto deploying aircraft at Fort Drum, Jefferson County, N.Y., January 30, 2018. Five 30 APS Reserve Citizen Airmen travelled to Fort Drum at the end of January to provide support in pre-flight inspections and load planning during a deployment. (courtesy photo)


Five members from the 30th Aerial Port Squadron here travelled to Fort Drum, in Jefferson County, upstate N.Y. to provide support in the midst of a deployment, January 28-31, 2018. The five spent two days on site, assisting in aircraft loading and inspecting procedures.

30 APS personnel performed safety inspections on outgoing aircraft and accounted for hazardous materials, ensuring a safe departure for deploying personnel and equipment. In addition to this, they constructed and carried out load plans, certifying that each aircraft was balanced correctly.

This is not the first time 30 APS has stepped in to assist Fort Drum in aircraft deployment operations. The Army installation currently only has one full time civilian who is certified to carry out inspections and load planning procedures. Under the circumstances of preparing for deployment, they simply don’t have the manpower to efficiently carry out the mission in a timely manner. That’s where 30 APS comes in.

Staff Sgt. Peter Lanphear, 30 APS Load Planner, aerial transportation, was among the five to carry out pre-deployment procedures at Fort Drum. He says that their continuing support of Fort Drum is beneficial to both parties.

“A couple people that were there with us will be deploying in a joint-inspector line, so they’re able to get that hands-on experience,” said Staff Sgt. Lanphear. “I’m deploying as a load planner, so it was a good opportunity for myself as well.”

The tasks carried out by 30 APS personnel are essential components that make mission success possible.

“Safety in flight is the most important part of our job,” said Lanphear.

The ongoing symbiotic relationship between 30 APS and Fort Drum serves to foster a stronger foundation in training and an increase in overall mission readiness for 30 APS Reserve Citizen Airmen.