914th Services continues to serve Niagara's Airmen
The 914th Services Squadron marketing section earned the Air Force Reserve Command 2010 [Force Support] Program of the Year Award for Marketing. This is the eighth time the unit based out of Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, N.Y. earned this award.
914th Services: continuing excellence in force support

by Senior Airman Andrew Caya
914th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

1/13/2011 - NIAGARA FALLS AIR RESERVE STATION, N.Y. -- A Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station unit earned a prestigious award from their higher headquarters earlier this month.

The 914th Services Squadron marketing section earned the Air Force Reserve Command 2010 [Force Support] Program of the Year Award for Marketing.

Although this was the eighth time 914th Airlift Wing Services earned this award under Marketing Director Mr. Jerry Slipko, it doesn't mean it was an easy win.

The criteria for earning this award were three-fold and spanned over several areas of the Services mission.

The first area of the award in which the services team was examined was in "Mission Accomplishment and Innovation." The 914th Services teams used tactics such as the newly designed bi-monthly magazine called "The Services Loop" which has 1,400 copies distributed monthly. The team also purchased nine electronic advertising monitors and installed them in many NFARS facilities promoting all Services programs.

The next section of the award touched on "Leadership and Management". The Services team highlighted the fact that several of their new programs "did more with less" and reduced the cost of doing business in several areas of their marketing campaigns and at the same time kept unit members and civilian workers on the installation informed of the happenings at NFARS.

The Final section was based on "Customer Focus". The services team provided focused on the customers by briefing the new incoming Airmen. Every Unit Training Assembly the in-processing reservists were briefed and kept up to date with Niagara's Services Morale Welfare and Recreation information. Services also had a hand in Yellow Ribbon events which afford post and pre-deployed Servicemembers' and dependents' information regarding Niagara's Services program. The 914th team also initiated a monthly retiree outreach program through the on-base retiree office. In addition, 914th Services communicated through emails with local Army Reserve and Guard units about what force support the NFARS can offer which translated into the Army units now utilizing the Services facilities.

Mr. Slipko said that he was informed by the 914th Vice Wing Commander Col. Mark Murphy and the formers immediate supervisor, the Chief of Services Mr. Robert Williams during the first week of January.

News of the award even reached Niagara's leadership on the other side of the globe.

Mr. Slipko said he received a congratulatory email from the 914th Airlift Wing Commander Col. Al Swartzmiller who is currently deployed to southwest Asia.

To ensure the Services department is highly visible and fully supports the troops' needs, Mr. Slipko needed highly motivated and skilled crew to assist him every step of the way.

"It was a team effort in winning this award [and] I feel quite honored to know that the [cooperative endeavor] in the Services Marketing office is a positive experience," said Mr. Slipko.

Mr. Slipko highlighted the Services Information Tickets and Travel Manager Mrs. Pamela DeLorenzo for her hard work in raising awareness about different attractions and destinations for the troops and their dependents.

She has done a great job promoting the Services programs to military families, Mr. Slipko said. In addition, she found various ways to ensure the Servicemembers received all of the pertinent information regarding the programs and touched base with potential Services clients.

Mr. Paul Bucholtz the Services office automation technician was another Services member highlighted by the sections leadership. According to Mr. Bucholtz, the award reflects the fact the 914th Services works tirelessly to provide combat support to those who serve.

"The award tells me personally, that the efforts I put into [Services] are recognized and appreciated; [and] earning this award makes me extremely proud," he said. "I am very grateful to be a part of this Marketing Team."

Bucholtz went on to elaborate on the reciprocal notion between 914th Services and Niagara's Airmen.

"The award impacts the base as a whole in an indirect way. People around the Base see the Loop magazine in the facilities, they log on to our website, they see the electronic sign boards as well as our posters and flyers. Hopefully these products catch their eye and they support our facilities and programs. Their patronage will guarantee that the offerings on base stay around."