Fall Salutes

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Steph Sawyer
  • 914th Air Refueling Wing/ Public Affairs

Please take a moment to say congratulations, farewell and hello to our Reserve Citizen Airmen who have been promoted, are retiring, and who are new to the Wing!




Senior Airman

Alexandra Tavano, 914th Operations Support Squadron


Staff Sergeant

Shawn R. Alvarez, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Irvin Leroy Buck, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Drisana Cruz, Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Casey M. Hopkins, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Brian Johnson, 914th Communications Squadron

William Johnson, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Alexander Kelly, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Markel A. Kendrick, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Jesse Arthur Kern, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Allana Manley, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Endyia J. McCree, 914th Force Support Squadron

Kyle William Metz, 30th Aerial Port Squadron

Gregory C. Murnock, 914th Operations Support Squadron

Christian A. Shaul, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Jeremy Tremblay, 914th Security Forces Squadron


Technical Sergeant

Joseph Clark, 30th Aerial Port Squadron

Kristin Kavanaugh, 328th Air Refueling Squadron

Kevin M. Mattice, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Edward McDonald, 30th Aerial Port Squadron

Caleb Moore, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

David M. Thomann, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Corey Zacharitz, 914th Security Forces Squadron


Master Sergeant

Aaron J. Brindamour, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Ryan Casselman, 914th Operations Support Squadron

Shavonne Genovese, 914th Force Support Squadron

Alex Wojciechowicz, 914th Security Forces Squadron


Senior Master Sergeant

Sara Kern, 914th Maintenance Group

Sarah Maier, 914th Air Refueling Wing



Master Sgt. David Campbell, 914th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Jodi Christ, 914th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Garnet Wood, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Senior Master Sgt. Michael Haag, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Senior Master Sgt. Paul Klein, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Chief Master Sgt. Jason Knapp, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

Senior Master Sgt. Robert Leible, 914th Air Refueling Wing

Master Sgt. Roland Selfridge, 914th Maintenance Squadron



SSgt. Christian Adamson, 914th Security Forces Squadron

A1C Alvin Ayala, 914th Security Forces Squadron

Amn Erik Baillie, 914th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Amn Christian Barker, 914th Logistics Readiness Squadron

A1C Faith Beverly, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

TSgt. Morgan Buckley, 914th Security Forces Squadron

Amn Joshua Chester, 914th Aerial Port Squadron

Capt. Shane Crowe, 914th Communications Squadron

TSgt. Arthur Curcione, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

SSgt. Alec Diaz, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

SrA Matthew Daugherty, 914th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

SrA Michael Dilorenzo, 914th Operations Support Squadron

SrA Cody Elvenia Quia, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

SrA Christopher Ernst, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

TSgt. Shawn Finnecy, 914th Maintenance Squadron

Amn Rodger Gabryszak, 914th Maintenance Squadron

SrA Cody George, 30th Aerial Port Squadron

SrA Michael Giordano, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

SrA Allyson Hendel, 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

SSgt. Christopher Holley, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

A1C Nicholas Raimondi, 914th Logistics Readiness Squadron

SrA Brian Spitz, 914th Civil Engineering Squadron

AB Ingrid Stablewski, 914th Force Support Squadron

AB Jetayka Toliver, 914th Force Support Squadron

SrA Michael Tomasino, 914th Logistics Readiness Squadron

2nd Lt Michael Unruh, 914th Air Refueling Squadron

Amn Margo Westcott, 914th Operations Support Squadron

SrA Nicholas Woodworth, 30th Aerial Port Squadron

A1C Anthony Zelinsky, 914th Security Forces Squadron