NFARS is currently in HPCON Alpha.  CDC guidelines are followed while on the installation.

Click HERE for Covid-19 DOD policy updates and news.

If you are feeling sick, please do not report to work. Stay home and contact your supervisor for further guidance.

Masks are mandatory for all personnel while indoors.


Please call our Public Affairs office at (716) 236-2136 if you have any questions.


NFARS facility status


Information Tickets & Travel

OPEN Monday - Friday, 9AM - 11AM

Bldg. 314, (716) 236-3090


Outdoor Recreation

OPEN Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4PM

Bldg. 798, (716) 236-3511


Falcon Club Cafe

OPEN Monday - Friday & UTA Weekends

Breakfast 8AM - 10:30AM, Lunch 11AM - 1PM

Bldg. 503, (716) 236-2329


Niagara Lodge

OPEN.  Hours of reservation are from 8:30AM to 6:30PM.

Bldg. 300, (716) 236-2014/2015


Fitness Center

New facility is OPEN

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 0600-1800. 24hr access not permitted at this time.

Call 716-236-2101



*ID Card Machine is currently down, please call (716) 236-2197 and leave a message if you need to reschedule an appointment*

OPEN by appointment only, Mondays and Tuesdays.  Walk-ins on these days are authorized only for those members with locked and blocked cards.

Make an appointment by following this link and type “Niagara Falls, NY” under “Show Locations Near” and click on “More Info” under 914th AW Niagara Falls IAP ARS. Cycle through the months for the next available appointment.

Call (716) 236-2197 on Mondays and Tuesdays during normal business hours for additional questions.


Retiree Activities Office

(716) 236-2389


The Base Exchange (BX)

OPEN 9AM to 4PM Monday through Friday and UTA weekends.

• The BX will be CLOSED the Monday and Tuesday following a 914th ARW UTA weekend.


Federal Credit Union

Outside and inside window service is available.

9AM to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday; (716) 297-4034


Visit the Niagara FSS website for more information.


Current as of August 9, 2021