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Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

The Secretary of Defense initiated the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program which provides information, services, referral, and proactive outreach pro-grams to Airmen of the United States Air Force Reserve and their Families through all phases of the deployment cycle. Air Force Reserve and Guard members mobilized , deployed overseas and separated from their families 90 day or more qualify for this.
 The goal of the Yellow Ribbon Reinte-gration Program is to prepare Airmen and Families for mobilization, sustain Families during mobilization, and rein-tegrate Airmen with their Families, communities, and employers upon re-turn.
 The program includes information on current benefits and resources avail-able to help overcome the challenges of deployments. There are three phases of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Pro-gram , pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment.
 What is the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program?
 Available Services
✓ Marriage Workshop
✓ Chaplain
✓ Financial Management
✓ Health Services
✓ Human Resources Develop-ment Council/Equal Oppor-tunity
✓ Military Personnel Flight
✓ Psychological Health
✓ Legal Assistance
✓Child and Youth Programs
 And Much More !!
 Child Care and Youth Programs
 Home Community Care (HCC)
 No cost child care during pri-mary UTA, UTA reschedules, and Annual Tour in a state li-censed family care home.
 Airman and Family Readiness
 Phone: (716) 236-2097
 NACCRRA partnership
 Operation: Military Child Care
 Child Care Assistance for families of Severely Injured Military Mem-bers
 For application and more informa-tion about the two above programs, visit www.naccrra.org.
 Our Military Kids
 Provides grants to children of deployed and severely injured National Guard and Reserve per-sonnel for tutoring and enrich-ment activities such as sports, music lessons, dance, scouts, school trips etc.
 For application and more informa-tion www.ourmilitarykids.org