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DO: · Schedule your appointment a minimum of two weeks in advance (DA Photos, Tuesdays only). Per AR 640-30 paragraph7(a) 1-4, all appointments must be scheduled via a completed AF833. The Completed form is to be emailed to the 914th Public Affairs Office by clicking here.

· Ensure that alterations are completed prior to appointment. Per AR 640-30 7(a)4 and AR 640-34, it is the Soldier's responsibility to insure that their uniforms and authorized permanent accessories, decorations and insignia are worn per AR 670-1. · Come 10 minutes prior to appointment.
· Call 716-236-2136 in order to cancel an appointment.
· Keep in mind that this is an Official Air Force Visual Information Studio, our first obligation is to the 914th Airlift Wing and its components.

DO NOT: · Attempt to walk-in to get your photo taken. Per AR 640-30 paragraph7(a) 1-4, all appointments must be taken by appointment only.
· Wear your green tabs or cords UNLESS it is your Infantry Cord and you are still currently in an infantry unit.
· Attend your appointment unless your uniform is already put together. The Soldier is responsible for ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly, is pressed and that all ribbons/medals/badges/rank are correctly displayed for official military photographs. This is the point of taking the photo; so the members of the board may observe if said Soldier is 'squared-away'.
· Ask anyone to alter your photo in any way. This is in violation of AR 640-30.

Army DA photos

DA photos are by appointment only (Tuesdays only).
If there are special any special requirements, times or days please fill out block "22 Description and Special Instructions" on the multimedia work request form linked below. While we will do our best to accommodate this is a high tempo office.

The DA Photo begins with the soldier. Taking the time to ensure your uniform is properly fitted and reflects only the awards and citations annotated on your ERB/ORB is the first step in creating a good DA Photo. Our photographers and staff can assist you by inspecting your uniform and pointing out obvious flaws, i.e. wrinkles, improper fit, damage, but it is your responsibility to ensure awards, decorations, unit crests and badges are worn correctly and match your ERB/ORB.

Photographers will not alter the photograph, to include adding new rank, ribbons, stars or erasing waistlines or wrinkles by using photo imaging software such as cloning or healing tools.

An AF Form 833 must be received prior to any multimedia work (Do not send in scanned document).

Helpful links:

AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms
AR 640-30, Photographs for Military Personnel Files
U.S. Army Human Resources Command
Department of the Army Photo Management Information System (DAPMIS)


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 Effective 1 JUL 2009 Soldiers may wear either the (green) Class A Uniform or the NEW (blue) Army Service Uniform. The green uniform is authorized until the fourth quarter of the year 2014. Soldiers cannot wear the old dress blues. The Soldier is responsible for ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly, is pressed and that all ribbons/medals/badges/rank are correctly displayed for official military photographs. ** IAW Army regulation, Soldiers, anyone assisting the soldier or D.A. Photo Studio photographers cannot not pin, clip, stuff, or otherwise change or alter the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly.** Female service members may wear either the skirt or slacks for their photo. Wear Distinctive Unit Insignia (Unit Crests). Unit crests and your unit patch are the only exceptions to the permanent rule. Soldiers who are regimentally affiliated should wear their Regimental Distinctive Insignia. Wear only those unit citations that you have permanent orders for and are listed on your ERB, ORB, or other personnel records. The wearing of one (1) foreign award is authorized. Do not wear French Fourrageres. Do not wear blue Infantry cords or discs. Do not wear green leadership tabs. The photograph is a ¾ length photo; shoes will not show in the photo, but you are required to have something on your feet other than socks.
The following Army Regulations govern Official Photographs: AR 640-30 - Photographs for Military Human Resources Records; AR 670-01 - Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia; AR 600-8-22 - Military Awards; DA PAM 25-91- Visual Information Procedures; FBDAPS SOP
Soldiers will only be granted re-shoots if there was a mistake caused by the photographer or the equipment. Per AR 670-1, The Soldier is responsible for ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly and that all ribbons/medals are correctly displayed for official military photographs. D.A. Photographers will not tape, stuff, or otherwise change or alter the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly. Requests for reshoots may reviewed on a case by case basis by the Sr. photographer or the V.I. Chief and will only be done if - 1. Electronic images are damaged or if major discrepancies are identified, such as unacceptable levels of moiré or stair stepping in digital photographs within three days of the soldier's photo being taken. 2. Promotion to next higher rank since last photo. 3. When photograph on file no longer represents the soldier's present appearance, i.e., weight control. 4. Receipt of new award that is ARCOM or higher in the order of precedence. The Soldier must provide a memorandum from their unit commander stating the reason for the reshoot (IE: wore the wrong ribbon, did not have the correct badge, etc.) Simply stating that a reshoot is needed 'because of a board' is not sufficient. No exceptions. Natural wrinkles from wearing of the uniform are acceptable and are not justification for a reshoot. Rejecting your electronic photo in DAPMIS does not guarantee a Soldier the chance to have their photo retaken. Again, the Soldier is responsible for proper grooming, ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly and that all ribbons/medals are correctly displayed for official military photographs. Reasons such as these are not justification for a reshoot. Soldiers should FIRST check their ERB/ORB, and then set up their uniform accordingly, followed by scheduling their appointment.
 In accordance with Army Regulation 640-30 photos are valid for five (5) years. If you have added a new award to your uniform since your last photo, it must be ARCOM or higher to justify a reshoot within a year of your previous photo. New shoulder sleeve insignia (unit patch), added service stripes or added overseas service stripes (combat stripes) are not justification or reason to have another photo within one year from your previous photo. Unless you have had a significant change to your uniform, there is no reason to have one taken more frequently. TXARNG D.A. Photo Facility policy does allow for Soldiers to be photographed ONCE per year and recommends that Soldiers be photographed at least two months prior to their annual promotion board or on the anniversary date of their previous photo. AR 640-30 Photographs for Military Personnel Human Resources Files, defines the requirement for Official Military Photographs as follows: A. The following personnel will have an initial photograph made within 60 days: 1. Each officer promoted to first lieutenant (includes officers accessed into active duty as first lieutenant or a higher rank.) 2. Warrant officers promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (CW2). 3. Noncommissioned officers promoted to SSG. 4. Initial appointment to Command Sergeant Major (CSM). 5. Selection for promotion to brigadier general or higher. B. Each soldier will have a periodic photograph taken (during the anniversary month of the previous photograph) per the following schedule: (1)General officers: every third year. (2)Officers and noncommissioned officers: every fifth year. C. Soldiers will update photographs when photographs on file no longer represent their present appearance. Promotion since last photo and weight control issues are examples of such representations. If you have not had any major changes to your uniform, you may only be photographed once per calendar year. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis and approved by the D.A. Photo Studio Sr. Photographer or the V.I. Chief only when accompanied by a memorandum requesting a reshoot. If you have questions, please feel free to ask the senior photographer.
 The Department of the Army Photograph Management Information System (DAPMIS) is a web-enabled, e-business system that receives digitized official photographs from DOD worldwide photo studios. DAPMIS photos give greater ownership to individual Soldiers and ease of use to the personnel management system. This system supports all Soldiers, SSG thru COL (excluding WO1s and 2LTs) and is available for the Active Duty, Reserve Component and Army National Guard Soldiers. ** Effective 15 August 2005, photo studios will no longer issue hard-copy prints for records update/promotion to soldiers SSG thru COL, except soldiers in Troop Program Units. Once the DA Photo is uploaded into DAPMIS, such members will already have immediate access to the same digital file and will access their DA Photo file electronically via their AKO after logging in with their own CAC card. Members can print hardcopies after accessing their DA Photo through AKO. Photo studios will upload all official photos taken of soldiers Staff Sergeant through Colonel, excluding second lieutenants and WO1s into DAPMIS.
 Soldiers below the rank of staff sergeant as well as 2LTs & WO1s who need an official photo for reasons other than promotion will receive a hard copy print for their application. They will not be loaded into DAPMIS. DAPMIS is only for promotions for SSG-COL. (Excluding 2LTs and WO1s)
 No, it just means that a copy of your electronic photo is not in the DAPMIS photo repository. It does not mean that HDQA does not have a photo of you on file. It is important to understand that the preview of the photo is optional. If you do not login to the web site to review and accept/r

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