Wing Partnership Council

NIAGARA FALLS AIR RESERVE STATION N.Y. -- The 914th Airlift Wing Partnership Council was established in order to help create and maintain a working environment in which managers, employees, and union officials can work together as partners to identify problems and devise solutions in support of the mission and in the best interest of all of wing personnel. The Partnership Council consists of the Wing Commander, Group Commanders, Civilian Personnel Reps and Union Officials.

One of the ways they have been able to make positive changes is through suggestions. If you have a suggestion that you feel will enhance the mission and/or the 914th workforce please send an email to: 914 AW Labor-Management Partnership Council or place your suggestion in one of the Partnership Suggestion boxes located throughout the base. The boxes are located in Bldg. 800 (front entranceway), Hallway connecting Bldg. 902 & 907, Bldg. 807, Fire Department, and Security Forces.

The Partnership Council meets once a quarter and will address the suggestions at that time. Responses to the suggestions will be conveyed via the base intranet and e-mail distribution. Your suggestions can be unanimous. If you prefer not to include your name and contact information, it is asked that you be very specific when you write your suggestion. Without contact information any way of clarifying issues that may be vague will be difficult.