The Rising Four bring into fruition months of brainstorming

The Rising 4


Base and Community involvement

The Rising Four will get involved in community and base volunteer events to give back. This will allow us to learn communication, leadership, and teamwork skills while helping others.

Airmen Morale Events

Airmen want the chance to meet other airmen around the base, the Rising 4 is one of the only organizations on base that strives to organize morale events open to all airmen to build relationships and network with others outside their squadron.

Mission statement

Empowering airmen at Niagara through professional development, airmen community, and rewarding volunteer opportunities.

The Rising 4

The Rising 4 is comprised of enlisted personnel ranking from Airman Basic to Senior Airman. The purpose of the Rising 4 is to strive to promote professionalism throughout the squadron and group personnel. It is also of invaluable assistance to group and squadron commanders as well as the Wing Commander, Vice Commander and Command Chief Master Sergeant as they assess and mitigate potential issues that affect the group and squadron's junior enlisted force.


Strong Aim to improve the Airmen's experience - We all will have a different experiences as we grow our careers but one thing we want to make sure, of is that Airmen are being taken care of properly and set up for success to grow into a great leader and contribute to the overall mission. People are our most vital asset! The Rising 4 have a profound impact on making the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station a better place to train, demonstrate learned skills, and become qualified for promotion opportunities.