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inspector general

What is an IG Complaint?

A formal assertation concerning a wrong; or a violation of law, regulation, instruction, policy, procedure or rule; or report of conditions detrimental to the operation, mission or reputation of the Air Force.

Rights of the Complaintant:

  • File an IG complaint without going through their chain of command.
  • File a complaint without fear of reprisal.
  • Submit complaints anonymously.
  • Request withdrawal of their IG complaint.
  • Submit a complaint if they reasonably believe inappropriate conduct has occurred, or a wrong or violation of law, policy, procedure, instruction, or regulation has been committed, even if the complainant is not the wronged party or was not affected by the alleged violation.
  • Submit a complaint on behalf of another individual.
  • Request the next higher-level IG review their complaint within 90 days of receiving the IG response.
    • However, simply disagreeing with the action taken will not justify additional IG review.
  • Request whistleblower protection under 10 USC 1034 if they believe they have been reprised against for making or planning to make a protected communication.

Complainant Responsibilities

  • Timeline submission limits:
    • Within 90 days of learning of the alleged wrongdoing.
    • Within one year of learning of alleged reprisal.
    • No time limit for restriction complaints.
  • Cooperate with the IG by providing factual and relevant information.