Brig. Gen. Stitzer Visits Niagara

  • Published
  • By Mr. Peter Borys
  • 914 ARW

Brig. Gen. Max Stitzer, Special Assistant to the Chief of the Air Force Reserve and Military Deputy to the Directorate of Staff-Integration, made a recent visit to the 914th Air Refueling Wing's maintenance group, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York. Stitzer was here mainly to teach and mentor maintenance officers and production staff on the importance and use of aircraft maintenance metrics and their use to develop a healthy fleet.


During his visit, Lt. Col. Al Knapp, 914th Maintenance Group (MXG) commander, Lt. Col. Frances Dixon, 914th MXG deputy commander, and Lt. Col. Ginger Ormond, 439th MXG deputy commander at Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts, briefed the team on aircraft metrics. At the same time, the general provided his perspective and experience.


Stitzer also received a tour of the 914th MXG facilities. "With the kind of lead-time they have and the dedicated effort and innovative solutions being crafted and planned," said Stitzer. "This mission is sure to be successful and operational ahead of schedule with efficient use of manpower and other resources."


Part of the general's responsibilities at HQ USAF/DSI, or Total Force Integration Directorate, include serving as Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee's, AFRC commander, Special Assistant to advocate for Air Force Reserve equities on the Air Staff concerning the Total Force Enterprise. 


"I have made it my mission to visit Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units at every opportunity to carry the message of the Department of the Air Force's vision and priorities to the field," said Stitzer. "As well as to observe and learn the key activities of field organizations that are best practices and merit sharing across the three components of the USAF."


Stitzer said he also communicates and advocates for any unit's needs.


"I have found the 914th Maintenance Group to be a well-led and high-performing organization with very evident pride in mission accomplishment and energetic embrace of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's mandate to accelerate change or lose," said Stitzer. "I will also tout this wing as a benchmark organization for best practices in aircraft maintenance scheduling and a number of other innovative ideas being uniquely developed and implemented here, including a novel method for kitting and issuing personal protective equipment and common supplies for flight line aircraft maintenance technicians from the aircraft maintenance support section," he added.


The general continued to praise the 914th MXG who exhibits the kind of culture and performance that draws prior and non-prior service Airmen to join the Air Force Reserve. 


"A culture where they can do their best work and realize their full potential as they serve in full-time or part-time roles in defense of this great nation," said Stitzer. "That kind of environment starts at the top, and it is evident from my visit that these are some of the most dedicated chiefs, seniors, NCOs, and officers I have ever met. They are doing it right, here!"