914th leadership hone wing's strategic priorities

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Lucas Morrow
  • 914th Air Refueling Wing

The 914th Air Refueling Wing process manager, Chris Hogenmiller, hosted a two-day wing strategic alignment from Oct. 28 to Oct. 29 to bring wing officer, enlisted and civilian leadership together to reevaluate a plan for success around mission, vision and priorities. 914 ARW commander, Col. Carl Magnusson, opened the session by saying his intention isn’t about changing what’s been built;

“Now that we’ve accomplished full operational capability with the tankers,” says Magnusson. “We can reevaluate to move forward.”

The 914th converted from the C-130 Hercules to the KC-135 Stratotanker in late 2017 and became full operational capable earlier this year. Magnusson says this alignment is an opportunity to revector wing priorities to align with the National Defense Strategy’s lines of effort, and the Air Force Reserve's priorities—both published in 2018, one year after the 914 ARW’s last strategic alignment. Wing leadership says mastering these efforts are critical if the 914 ARW is to remain relevant as the Air Force continues pressing Airmen to remain competitive in rapidly changing and contested environments.  

Magnusson says his focus is mastering full-spectrum capability through encouraging joint partnership and collaboration, inspiring positive change through innovation & growth of talent, and building resilient Airmen and their families so they remain ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

During the opening remarks, 914th Operations Group commander, Col. Jeromie Sheldon, Mission Support Group commander, Col. Christopher Witter, and Maintenance Group commander, Lt. Col. Albert Knapp, all agreed that meeting success depends on each Airmen knowing and understanding the commander’s priorities and how they affect change.

“This is a great opportunity to break the tribalism and bring the wing together,” says Knapp. “To get to a common theme.”

“We all know what we do,” says Sheldon. “But this is making sure we understand why we do what we do.”

By the end of the event, all participants identified specific tasks for each priority. These will be led and monitored by team leads and task champions who will give a status report every quarter to measure task accomplishment. 914 MSG superintendent, Chief Master Sgt. Christopher McArdle, says seeing our priorities and mission tasks align with the National Defense Strategy is critical in ensuring every Airman knows what they specifically bring to the mission.

“I’m really excited to see where this goes,” says McArdle. “It’s important that our Airmen know these priorities and start thinking beyond a tactical level.”

Col. Magnusson is scheduled to officially announce the wing’s mission, vision and priorities during a wing commander’s call on Nov. 8, 2020.